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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Animal Tattoo Designs

There are many reasons for choosing an animal as the theme of a tattoo. Some people see themselves in a certain animal. Others want to memorialize a beloved pet and be able to see them wherever they go. Whatever the reason, animal and pet tattoos are a growing motif for tats. There are millions of different animals out there, but some are definitely more popular then others. Here’s a list of the most popular animal tattoo designs and why people choose to have them on their bodies forever.
Snake Tattoos
Tats of snakes have been popular for a very long time. There are various reasons for people to get this creature tattooed on them. Snake tattoos are mostly gotten to represent power, poison or a deadly personality. However, history tells us that snakes can also have good qualities. They can stand medicine and healing properties that go along with the healing powers of the rainforests.
Frog Tattoos
Frogs are a very popular animal tattoo choice, especially among women. Frogs can be seen as representing the coming of spring as well as the abundance of life. They have also been known to stand for harmony and fertility (a big reason women are the main demographic for this tat). But honestly, many people opt for frog tattoos because they can be very cute and colorful!
Dog Tattoos
Of all the different animals out there, this particular one has the biggest following when it comes to memorial tattoos. That’s because most people who get dogs tattooed on them have a particular breed in mind. Getting your dog tattooed is a fairly popular theme because dogs can have an amazing impact on people’s lives. Some even see their dogs as being their best friends. So when they eventually pass, getting a memorial tattoo is a good way for some people to cope with the loss. Other than memorial tattoos, people will get dog tattoos to represent themselves. Those who think that they are tough will go for tattoos of strong breeds, etc.
Big Cat Tattoos
Tigers and panthers are the most popular of the big cat tattoos, and for good reasons. Tigers are the most visually appealing cats and that shows on tattoos. Panthers are sleek and are known for their swift and sly style. People can identify with these animals and love how they look as tattoos. Big cats represent strength and have a warrior personality. This appeals to a very wide variety of people. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting a cute, baby tiger instead.
Fish (Koi) Tattoos
Fish (especially koi) tattoo designs are incredibly popular due to the increasing interest in Chinese designs. Koi fish are very colorful, which makes for a beautiful color piece. Since fish in general quite tough, tattoos depicting them can stand for courage and strength. In Chinese lore, the koi fish can even climb up waterfalls. Recently, this fish has begun to represent masculinity and has become popular among men (but women are free to love and get this tat as well!).