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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sexy Female Tattoos

What do you think about when you think of tattoos? Do you think of swashbuckling pirates? Grizzled, seasoned prisoners? Leather-wearing, Harley-riding bikers? How about your co-worker, or your best friend? That’s right – some of the women you know are probably tattooed, and many of them are probably reaping the many benefits of sexy female tattoos.
Did your mother or grandmother tell you that getting a tattoo is not “ladylike”? If so, you might need a wake-up call. Getting a tattoo is actually one of the most feminine things you can do. Tattoos don’t just have to be elaborate murals depicting military service; instead, they can be discreet, flattering images that reflect how you define femininity.

You might be wondering what exactly a sexy tattoo is. That’s the beauty of the question: it’s up to you! A tattoo is the ultimate individual decision. You get to choose everything about it. The color, the shape, the size, the design, the position – the tiniest, most minute detail is yours to control.
This freedom means that no matter how you define “sexy,” your tattoo can reflect it. Many women choose to get inked on the small of their back. This is a popular choice for a variety of reasons: it can easily be displayed (or covered) if you wear the right clothes, and it draws the eyes to a particularly flattering place on the female body.

Maybe you prefer something a little more secretive. Fortunately, you’ve got a beautiful body with a lot of possibilities! A small flower or butterfly on your hip is a popular choice. These tattoos can be hidden by most pairs of pants or skirts that you wear, but if you want someone to see your tattoo, that can easily be arranged!
It’s hard to say what the most popular kind of “sexy tattoo” is, because there are as many different tattoos as there are different women. But some recent trends seem to indicate that the lower back, hip, and navel are popular areas for women to get tattoos. These are good choices because they’re likely to flatter your figure.

Are you interested in tattooing, but nervous about the process? Don’t be! Tattoo artists are just that: artistic professionals. If you go to a clean, official studio – and you should always make sure that you do – you are guaranteed to find an artist you’re comfortable working with. You can be sure that your artist will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve when you’re making such an important decision.

Sexy female tattoos aren’t just about attracting men, though. You can get a tattoo for any reason you want. Maybe you want to remember someone special, or maybe you just want one for your own pleasure. Whatever your reason, you can be sure that you’ll be satisfied when you make the ultimate assertion of individuality and get a tattoo