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Friday, May 6, 2011

Jennifer Aniston

Absurdity of Jennifer Aniston: Let me first say something nice about Jennifer Aniston before the garbage to her: She has a beautiful body, it has proven itself to be a decent place, and I thought they proved their act well in the movie exactly one: "The Good Girl." But like all Hollywood idiots, it's the color of the left.
My husband has a theory that the actors in Hollywood lack of purpose. They know that what they do for a living - pretend - adds little to American society (except to provide great entertainment), they are painfully aware that their power is ridiculous. Can be their strength can not compare to good people, for example, or other people who are doing something useful with their lives.
So when Hollywood babe like Aniston come out and say something stupid, as I did last week - Click here - it is not surprising. Most of the representatives in Hollywood live in a bubble and zero understanding of reality. Should remain closed their mouths when dealing with the real world.
When I was a teacher, Bearing in mind the very positions of power, and thus careful about the types of things I said. And the power of a teacher on a much smaller energy than actors in Hollywood. For this reason, it is imperative that more of these guys talk as little as possible outside their work environment - unless they have something smart (ie, conservatives) to say that adds, rather than decrease, in the community.
Motherhood and to encourage one by choice is the dumbest thing a woman can argue. Aniston does not have the statistics on her side - most of today's social problems (drug abuse, and mixing, and cases of unwanted pregnancy, school dropouts, runaways, suicide, and crime) are the result of children being raised without biological fathers. Chances are, it's not even aware of the statistics.
In fairness to Ms. Aniston, has been raised in the culture of feminism. Consider these comments from other women of the influential liberal: Comments such as these record prices in the media. Left reduces women to men routinely and increasingly dismissive of the critical role they play in society. Why? For as smart Gretchen Carlson proposed to Bill O'Reilly, Aniston and bitter. Her personal life did not work out the way he wants, and even now she needs to make a political statement.
This is what all women are dissatisfied with the liberal do. This is what married miserably Betty Friedan (she and her former husband, Carl Friedan and physically abusive mentally in the direction of one another) was compared with motherhood is a "concentration camp comfortable", and set out to change America, rather than dealing with her own limitations and personal circumstances.
Aniston has followed suit. Rather than accepting there may be something wrong with her vision or understanding of marriage and relationships, and insisted on family life and "evolved" and says that women should not "fiddle with a man" to have a child. Feminist Friedan takes to a whole new level. Stick to your hats, and men of America. Women on the left are just starting out - they're after is a matriarchy.