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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creative Portion-Control Plate, Bowl & Cup Designs

Who ever thought that the best way to get healthy might be through buying tableware designed with
staying fit in mind? These simple portion-control plates, bowls and cups have a plus sign on the one side and a minus on the other, with correspondingly regular and small volumes depending on your portion needs for a particular meal.
Not quite clever enough for you? This offbeat tableware by Soo Kwon also stacks in two different ways to reflect its functions: stacked with the plus side up the set forms a short and fat stack but stacked with the minus side up the set becomes tall and skinny, a conceptual reflection of your fitness goals.
While the specific portions might not be custom-catered to each diet and other design issues could be cited, this minimalist tableware seems a fair bit more aesthetically acceptable than the plastic-clad weight loss foods found in your local grocery store freezer isle.