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Friday, June 10, 2011

Designer Writing Tattoos Yakuza back tattoo
is the writing by itself, a little clearer to read if you wanted to see it more easily, this part I designed, the top part I found at a tattoo shop and fell in love with... my design was based on this style. murphys yakuza tattoos
my first full back piece
step 4 of my bro's back.
filled in the writing and more blood
next step is alot of green doodles yakuza tattoos
This is from skicamp last year (usually when I do this I don't have a camera on me)

Oh, just a side thought. These doodles usually contain tattoo ideas from different books and movies I've seen. If you are bored, try and spot a few inspirations...(on the other it might be easier, the black makes it obvious)

-Spider in web (usually on knuckle, not on this one though) -- Sherrilyn Kenyon's Squires
-Double bow and arrow -- Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters
-Poisoned Apple -- (guessed snow white?)
-A cross -- my faith
-a sign from WITCH comics
-A rose -- beauty and the beast
-An eye -- Lord of the Rings
-Elvish writing -- Lord of the Rings

It goes on... and writing yakuza tattoos
Gothic style rose cover-up over old grey butterfly tattoo fully healed yakuza
the tattoo is not crooked, i had my sholder funny, so it made it look a bit off lyric tattoo yakuza and swallow
Just got this last night at Black Rose Tattoo in Pacific Beach! I love it! I had the swallow from before, and he touched it up. Added some ivy anddddd the lyrics from a Tool song called Lateralus.

The words read "Embrace whatever may come..."

This tattoo means a lot to me! Reminds me that no matter what cards I am dealt in life, or how crummy things might be at the time-- to always see the positive points, and learn from each and every experience.

I have another tattoo , and it is submitted as well- so you can chizzy-check that out! design for yakuza tattoos
I'm thinking of getting this tattooed for my 18th birthday, 30th July. The tattoo at the top is my name, which is already there. The writing around the dragon says love, happiness & freedom, as checked on the internet. Need some opinions.