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Friday, June 3, 2011

DIY Cardboard Craft Idea: Cheap Modular Building Blocks

cardboard diy recycling idea
Recycling cardboard is great but upcycling it is even better. It is amazing what these small once-flat
cardboard cutouts can become with a little craftiness and a creative idea or two.
cardboard diy interior design
While they start small, each module can be interlocked with others to form ever-larger structures including entire walls that are self-supporting, rigid and act as singular units once constructed.
cardboard diy reycled furniture
More than merely display objects for those fascinated with strange decor, these cardboard crafted structures are stable, durable and versatile.
cardboard diy furniture design
And of course, these so-called Bloxes are inexpensive and come flat-packed for easy shipping.