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Thursday, June 2, 2011

DIY Seed Bottle Idea: Plant an Instant Indoor Herb Garden

instant indoor herb gardening
Despite the best of intentions, more than three out of four plastic bottles are trashed and sent to
landfills each year rather than being recycled or upcycled. What if there was an easy to to turn your bottles into something new and useful rather than sending them through the dubious and energy-consuming recycling process?
interior herb seed idea
indoor herb garden idea
This idea by Yun Hwan Sung is simple but profound: include a few seeds with certain plastic bottles as well as easy do-it-yourself instructions for flipping the bottle, filling it with soil and thus converting it into a functional little planter. The resulting herbs can in turn be consumer or simply become decorative elements for your home. Now, on top of picking what you want to drink, you can also choose what you want to plant and grow after you