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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tiny Camper-Trailer Converts into Huge Mobile Motorhome

camper trailer luxury home
Good building design, to paraphrase, can hide inside very small structures. At first glance it looks just
like a full-sized luxury motor home – but the illusion of a large solid volume of spaces comes from a temporary tent-like structure.
camper trailer motor home
This layered enclosure folds out of a remarkably sleek, compact and modern-looking trailer attachment many times smaller than the full-scale living-and-dining area that it can convert into. It is aptly named Opera, perhaps for its visual similarity to the famous music hall in Sydney, by designer Axel Enthoven.
camper trailer interior design
Built-in cabinetry, hardwood floors, two beds, a toilet, hot and cold running water and LED lighting are all constructed as part of the core bottom structure, while the top tent area is crafted from thick canvas.
camper motor home
In short: this is the best of both worlds – luxurious motor-home-worthy features in the base and an extensive over-the-top cover for weather and privacy protection, all in an ultra-mobile attached trailer that can easily travel and consumes far less fuel than a full-scale camper.