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Friday, June 3, 2011

Watts This?! Typical Incandescent Light Bulb with a Twist

funny offbeat lighting design
Creative lamps and light fixtures have become almost ubiquitous but few lighting designers have
tackled the much more obvious and simple question of light bulbs themselves, the classic form of which has remained essentially the same for ages.
funny strange light bulb
With a slight twist on a traditional bulb these designers have made the leap from ordinary to extraordinary, creating a puzzling optical illusion for people who see the light yet cannot imagine how it might be hanging (or sitting) let alone charging.
funny lamp light design
The best part about it is that with the bulb as the center of attention you can transform an ordinary lighting fixture into a central artistic design object within a room, a much cheaper approach to home decor than buying a complicated ceiling light or clever table lamp. Best of all, these bulbs are relatively cheap, portable, replaceable and easy to install – and can be easily purchased at online home design stores including Charles & Marie.