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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Natural Curves: Organic ‘Wood Wave’ Floating Home Design

floating river houseboat
Outside and in, from the curved wood cladding to the swooping wooden ceilings, this undulating houseboat design by Robert Oshatzevokes the dynamic movement of the river water on which it
floating wood home interior
The series of intersecting and overlapping organic forms creates a sense of constant movement that is clearly inspired by surrounding waves but likewise reflects the never-still nature of the structure itself. More than just a clever aesthetic trick, however, this repeated form also serves a series of architectural functions, from defining interior volumes to letting in exterior natural light at both ends and along the roof line.
floating river home design
The repetitive use of wood both inside and out also enhances the nautical theme of the home, giving residents the abstract sense that they are within a curved sea-faring wooden vessel as much as they are floating inside of a house. Wide-open views of the water are balanced by beautiful but privacy-protecting wood-shingled surfaces on the dock side of the structure.